Pest Prevention

Quarterly Pest Prevention to keep your home pest free

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Pest Prevention Treatment Plan

General Pest Control
  1. Exterior Liquid Barrier Treatment
    Many competitors will use a small hand tank and only manage to get 1/4 of a gallon of chemicals on the average home. Inspire takes a much more aggressive approach to the base of the home. We use a backpack sprayer that will get anywhere from 1-2 gallons of our product on the base of the home, window seals, and door frames. This treatment is imperative because it will keep any critters from crawling up your home and gain access through cracks and crevices. Additionally, our trained technicians will look for signs of damage, and conditions that are conducive to future pest problems. If problems are found, we will be sure to let you know.
  2. Exterior Dewebbing and Eave Treatment
    We inspect and treat the eaves around your home using a Webster. This Webster can reach up to 25 feet, so we are diligent to make sure we attack and sweep down the high and hard to reach areas. The main culprits here are spiders/spider webs, wasps, and mud daubers. While it makes the home look better, it's really a vital part of pest control because it helps ensure pests do not venture inside your home through windows or soffits. If they return, just give us a call and we will happily come back out for free.
  3. Exterior Barrier Granular Treatment
    Over 95% of pest issues originate from the outside and move inside the home. This is why Inspire takes the extra step and granulates around the perimeter of the home. This granular barrier around the home and in the natural areas are a necessary first line of defense. Most times this treatment eliminates the pest before they're able to make it to the home.
  4. Exterior Void Treatment
    Liquid treatments are great for the foundation, but what about areas liquid treatments cannot reach? These small entry points are highways for pests. We make sure to treat any voids and conduit where roaches, ants, or spiders may be harboring or gaining access in the home. We use a formulation perfectly designed to cloud voids within your walls and eradicate those pests.
  5. Interior Liquid Treatment
    Ideally, during your initial pest treatment, we will treat both the outside and the inside of the home. We do this because we like to start off on a strong foot and eliminate anything that might be harboring inside your home. After this initial treatment, our seasonal treatments will maintain control and keep the pests at bay. If we're doing our job on the outside, inside issues you shouldn't develop. If additional interior (or exterior) treatments are ever needed, Inspire will always retreat for no additional cost. Serving you is our priority.
  6. Interior Void Treatment
    During the initial treatment, Inspire will be extremely diligent to treat those voids that others may not consider treating. Many of these areas are prime for pest to thrive due to moisture and food sources. This treatment is the most effective interior treatment we will do during our inside treatment.

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