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If you’ve noticed fire ants in the yard, give Inspire Pest Control Service a call. We offer fire ant treatment for residential customers throughout Hoover, eliminating all signs of this pest generally in just one treatment.

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All About Fire Ants

Fire ants are typically red but can also be black, especially the males. The ant builds mounds of dirt in the yard which aren’t dangerous in and of themselves. However, the thousands of ants inside the mound swarm out together at signs of a perceived threat, meaning you can have a big problem on your hands.

Fire ant bites are very painful, although venom is the actual cause of the pain and not the actual bite. Once fire ants latch onto victims, the venom stings and irritates the skin, which can lead to skin infections and serious allergic reactions. Don’t wait until a colony of fire ants takes over your home when the experts at Inspire Pest Control offer safe and effective treatment plans backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Fire ants are aggressive and will attack anyone they perceive as a threat to their colony. They typically stay outside, preferring to stay far away from humans. However, they will come inside searching for food. Both indoors and outdoors, fire ants won’t hesitate to defend their colony and itself against a threat when a person gets too close.

Hoover Fire Ant Control

Treat and prevent fire ant infestations on your property with help from Inspire Pest Control. As ant control experts, we understand this pest and how to keep it off your property using safe and effective treatments. We’d love to help you learn more about fire ants and how to keep them away from your property. Request a free estimate and consultation from Inspire Pest Control Services today!

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