Inspire Pest Control FAQs

All of our licensed professionals are trained on how to properly handle and apply pesticides according to Alabama state laws. Inspire invests in products that are pet and family friendly; however, virtually all pesticides have some level of risk. If you have any questions about specific products then feel free to contact us directly at 205-918-8980.
Our products are pet and family friendly; however, we recommend you keep your pets away from our product until it is dry. Once it has dried, they are good to go. Products typically dry in approximately 30 minutes.
Yes. In fact, it's not unusual to see an increase in activity for a week or two after we treat. This is a good thing! The pests are being flushed out from their hiding spots and running for their lives!
No. We do recommend inside treatment on the initial service to make sure we eliminate anything harboring inside the home. Once we have cleared them out, it’s just a matter of maintaining a protective barrier around your home to make sure they don’t get back in. Over 95% of pest issues originate from the outside and move in. So if we do our job on the outside, you shouldn't develop an issue on the inside! However, the inside is always included at no additional charge. Just ask and we'll be more than happy to treat the inside!
Call us immediately. Many times we have same-day appointments available. Worst case scenario, we guarantee that we can be there the next business day if it works with your schedule!
We give customers a 2-hour time window of arrival. At this time, our earliest appointment is 8-10am and our latest is a 4-6pm.
We send you an email about a week prior to your treatment letting you know that your home is on our schedule. This is the best time to request a specific time slot if you need the inside treated. If we do not hear from you, we will treat the exterior only and notify you the day prior to that treatment via a second email and text. Call ahead service is by request only.
We pride ourselves on being thorough and concise. The initial treatment will likely take between 40-75 minutes, depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of the home. Quarterly treatments typically range from 20-30 minutes.
Absolutely not! We welcome reservices because it is our time to shine and create a raving fan! We are more than happy to come back out any time you need us FREE OF CHARGE. In fact, many times pest control can be a process, requiring multiple treatments to control certain issues. We do ask customers to wait 10-business days after each treatment to give the previous treatment a chance to properly take effect.
Yes. Many pests seek warmer environments when the temperatures drop. Cooler weather drives them inside so they can stay warm with you. Also, this is the prime time when mice and rats become an issue for many homeowners.
Pesticides will not last forever. These barriers progressively deteriorate with the heat, humidity, and weather of Alabama. For this reason, we continue treatments on a quarterly basis. If we do not come back to treat again, you run the risk of being reinfested by pests.
Pricing is based on the square footage of the home and the type of pest issues that the homeowner is experiencing. For a precise quote, contact us for a free and no obligation inspection and quote.
No. There is a standard service agreement to sign, but you're not locked into any lengthy contract. We request customers give us a 30-day written notice, prior to the desired cancel date.
We always do your first two treatments back to back, aggressively starting out to make sure we get everything eliminated. The first treatment is designed to be different than the quarterly treatments in order to control a broader spectrum of pests. After these first two treatments, we will return approximately every 90 days and as needed in between treatments.
Pretty much every insect except for wood-destroying insects like termites. Fire ants more than 10 feet from your home are not covered. However, a full yard treatment for fire ants can be purchased for an extra one time fee.
Inspire Pest Control cannot exist without our customers. We always strive to provide the absolute best pest control service in the Birmingham metro area. We believe that providing a 5-star experience is the best way to organically create more customers. Also, we offer free reservices between scheduled visits, so it is in our best interest to do the job right the first time.